Weekend Update

I haven't been on my computer in awhile and so I am once again blogging from my phone. We've been busy around here and when we're not doing something I'm exhausted and finding I need to nap so I'm not cranky later. 

Anderson got sick the other week- which kid doesn't get sick this time of year?- which meant waking up at night, medicine, and trips to the doctors office. It also meant that our weekend away wasn't too restful at all. 

He's been pretty sweet these days though now that he's feeling better- swaying with me to music and being a champ when he got his first haircut. Took us 2 years before he needed one which  thankful for after having to pay a whopping $17.95. Loco. 

I've been having some contractions which has also led to my need to rest when I can. It also means our guest room got painted this weekend and baby boy has his stuff ready to go on the changing table. I still need to put out stuff for Benjamin and myself which I'll do someone this week. 

We were thankful for a good weekend and a beatiful one at that. Also thankful that we live 10 minutes from a kid friendly winery where Anderson loves to run around. 

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