32 weeks and Life Lately.

This week has been a bit of a blur. We're getting closer to having this baby but I know we could still be several weeks away too. 

This week I'm thankful that Benjamin was only affected by the government furlough for a week. Regardless it has us in a furlough state of mind trying to spend no money and eating through more freezer meals. 

I started reading One Day but put it down when Sparkly Green Earrings came for me at the library. This book is hilarious and given my pregnancy hormones right now I have gone from laughing out loud to crying. I've never done that with a book before. 

That said I'm pretty over these roller coaster hormones. I know they won't end when baby boy comes but man do I wish I felt more stable sometimes- I know my family agrees. 

We've made it through this rainy week and thankfully will be out of the rain this weekend. I sure did like seeing Anderson all geared up in his rain gear and even broke out his Halloween costume to help get us through a rainy morning at home. 

Cutest Dino I ever did see. 

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