thankful for our buddies

Friends from Alexandria came out today and it was a treat.  The boys were their typical two-year old selves and Robyn and I enjoyed when they kept each other company.  

We took a walk to the pond of course to feed the fish some cereal since I was out of bread until this evening.  Not sure if they liked the cereal but it doesn't matter much since Anderson and Caleb like the act of throwing things in the water more than sitting there seeing if the fish eat it.

While the boys napped- Caleb napped and Anderson fought it so hard he ended up falling asleep in his closet.  There's a first for everything- Robyn and I were able to catch up outside.  I'm into these cooler temperatures and not excited about the potential 90's we're getting the next couple of days.

As for this sweet babe, she gets her own post tomorrow because gah! I somehow got a number of pics of her I am loving.  That, and I'm loving the baby stage, so much so that I was having serious Braxton Hicks while we sat there talking about labor and I had Kendall in my arms.  Oh hormones- you're crazy.

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