on rest and reading

Up until a couple weeks ago I hadn't read a book in close to two years.  Since Anderson was born.  I was starting to get jealous of people who said they were reading.  Jealous? Resentful?  Not sure which but basically I couldn't figure out how these people had time to read.

With this baby growing and braxton hicks contractions increasing I'm taking cues from my body and resting more.  I'm also preparing myself as best I can for the exhaustion we're about to go through again.

Although not a novel, I have to say that I have enjoyed reading this devotional, Waiting in Wonder, from Catherine Claire Larson throughout this pregnancy.  It has short readings for a few days during each week.  It's a great gift for pregnant friends and has been my go-to this pregnancy to see how big this lil guy is, and what's developing each week.  It's practical and has been a blessing.  I'm not glued to other pregnancy books this time around.

To get myself back into reading I picked up A Homemade Life at the library.  I'm so glad I did.  I've been wanting to read it for years and devoured it in just a few days.  Nap time reading is glorious.  Piles of laundry are not.  Gotta figure out some balance around here.

I highly recommend this book.  Each chapter made me want to make the recipe at the end, so much so that I may need to just buy the book and consider it more of a cookbook.

After that book I needed another good read and checked What Alice Forgot out of the library.  It was another good quick read and had me appreciating Benjamin and our marriage even more. 

Next up? I'm not sure... recommendations welcome!

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  1. Now I'm jealous of you! Glad you got some good reading in, though!