hide and seek

 It's safe to say that Anderson doesn't fully grasp the idea of hide and seek just yet.  He loves it though.  Hiding involves getting behind the chair and popping out while we try to find him, or going in the closet with Daddy.  It brings him so much joy when we find him, even if we're right there with him.  Ah, to be a child again.

The other weekend he hid while wearing Benjamin's camouflage Clemson hat- something he would of course have in his wardrobe.  He loves saying, "hide and seek.  Daddy find you."  Oh buddy- we love you and your little almost two year old self.


  1. So cute. Such a fun game for these boys. And love love that chair and storage bin!!!

    1. yay! gotta love home goods for the bin and my mom's garage sale finds for the chairs- she got those when I was in high school!