Hello Third Trimester

Here we are entering the third trimester. Here we also are having sleep problems like I never did with Anderson. This time around I seem to wake up somewhere between 4 and 5 and then can't go to sleep for at least an hour. I'm hoping as it nears 6 I'll be able to fall back asleep soon since I've been up since 4:15. 

We're having a much needed quiet weekend at home. The nursery is all painted so tomorrow I hope to hang the curtains, put the newborn clothes in the drawers since they're already so easily in big bins, and store the other little boy clothes in the closet. 

In other real life plans I need to seriously work on making a photo album of Anderson before this kid arrives. I'm pretty sure there are Labor Day deals so I'm hoping I'll be motivated to do that tomorrow as I plan to spend all of Anderson's nap on the couch. 

Yesterday I was on my feet all day canning 23 pounds of tomato sauce. Done and done with recipe and pictures to come.

Back to bed after a quick trip downstairs for a peanut butter cracker. Growing boy seems to be hungry.  

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