Goodbye Summer

Summer has come and gone. Leaving the pool today Anderson told it goodbye, said bye to the fountains, and bye to the water mushroom. When we go back sometime to swim in the indoor pool I'm sure he won't like the idea of the pool outside being off limits. 

This weekend has been somewhat laborious with lots of canning projects. Just when I thought I was done I got some more tomatoes and made salsa. 

I'd consider myself a crazy person sometimes. 

Looking back at these photo calendars from my instagrams over the summer it's amazing to see how much Anderson has grown, how much my belly has as well, and how much our life has changed this summer in a new town and new home.

This next week will be a little slow for us before we head into a new bible study and new moms group. I liked what was familiar but this is all part of making roots here and I'm looking forward to meeting some potential new friends before this next babe comes.  

How was your summer? Complete with sand between your toes, Popsicles on the porch and too much chlorine? I hope so. 

Onto fall. I'm ready for it. Ready for cooler weather but not ready for the whole fact that that sun will go down sooner.

 I'd like to forget about that major fact right now. 

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