before + after: our dining room

I get asked often about our house so I thought I'd post some "before and afters" or in some cases, "before and durings."  

Our dining room was one of the first rooms we got to call "done" or at least, "done for now."  We eventually would like different lamps, and maybe a different mirror, but when you have things given to you from family that work just fine, you're fine with it.  Lamps are expensive, so are mirrors, so those changes won't be happening any day soon.

The chandelier was there before, I probably wouldn't chose it, but again, it's fine for now.

I picked the paint color off the rug we had before in our family room.  I think it worked out perfectly.  I took the advice of my super talented sister in law and wanted this space to be something so that when people walk into our home they get a taste for the whole idea of our home.  Overall, she said make it really pretty so that was my goal here.

This beauty of a buffet is from my great grandparents, the DeHaven's.  Anderson's middle name is DeHaven, as is my dad's, brother's, cousin's, etc.  It's a tradition.  I love this piece in our dinning room. It fits perfectly and is amazing in that is has keys so no little hands can open those doors and tear out fragile things in the drawers!

Right now the table is decorated with a massive tablecloth I scored for $30.  It had been $180 and is way too long for the table but I had in mind that the fabric could someday be used for even pillows on the window seat.  Someday I'd like white blinds in here and window treatments, but again, for now this is called 'done.'  The vase was a Home Good's steal back in my single days and the candle sticks are vintage and were a wedding present.  The plate on the buffet was also a wedding present and the silver tray was scored at an antique store for around $20. It has the letter E on it which means nothing to us but whose looking?

The dining room table was my grandparents and the chairs were from a friend of my Mom's who was moving and getting rid of them.  We weren't sure how much we'd like them at first but they have grown on us and I really can't see another set in there right now.

We hung our wedding program and wedding invitation on the wall and I'm not sure we'll hang anything else in here. The big wall may be asking for something to go on it, but for now I don't want to crowd the space.

And as for the before picture.  Such an improvement, wouldn't you say?  I really did not like this olive green color or the green ceiling.  The tan above was the neutral color all over the house and that had to go as well.

Because I love reading other blogs that share this info here are the paint colors we used:

Trim and White under the Chair Molding:  Whatever was in the house before- not sure of the name!
Blue walls: Smoke by Benjamin Moore
Ceiling: Iceberg by Benjamin Moore


  1. Love it! It's beautiful!

    1. thanks! can't wait to use the blue and white china in this room too!

  2. So glad you gave the colors. They are so calming and seem to make the room larger. The olive really made the room look small. Beautiful work and love the ceiling.

    1. Thanks so much, Anne- this is so far my favorite room in the house!

  3. Love that blue color! Looks great!

    1. Thanks, Liz! Love your style too - I'm sure your home is gorgeous!