almost two

On Monday our little boy will be two.  I could tell you how I can't believe it and ask you where the time went, or I could tell you that I can believe it, the time has flown, and we are so blessed by this little man in our lives.

As all mothers are, I'm completely biased in saying I think he's the sweetest, smartest almost two year old around.  Even though there's another one coming, Anderson will always be my baby, my sunshine, and my sweet boy.  I'm sure as he grows up he'll give me heartache and tears and sleepless nights all over again, but for now I'll dwell on these sweet pictures and be thankful for the amazing two years we've had being his parents.  

We love you so so much Buddy.  

(and now the pregnancy hormones are taking over, tears are filling my eyes, and I'll stop there...)


  1. Love seeing his sweet face looking so interested in the book!

    1. thank you! I found him the other day just reading in his room- the sweetest!

  2. So sweet. Isn't it amazing watching them grow and learn? Happiest almost birthday sweet A!