30 weeks

It's easy to state the obvious these days.  This baby is growing, or as my Mom would put it, I'm getting huge.  She hasn't really said that but I'm pretty sure that's what she's thinking.  10 more weeks to go?  Really?

You could say the nesting instinct is definitely in full swing.  Not that I'm baking things, more that I'm trying to get the nursery more put together and organize some things that have been on my list to do before he arrives.

Thing is, I start doing stuff during Anderson's nap and then get overcome with my body telling me to sit down and rest, so I'm trying to do that too.  I have to.  My body is also telling me when to snack more so that I don't get a sugar-low and faint.  I will be very surprised if this baby isn't bigger than Anderson was.

Oh little one.  You'll be here before we know it...

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