29 weeks

These photos are admittedly getting harder to take.  Benjamin snapped this one of me and when I saw it I immediately thought, "holy cow I'm huge."  I really don't remember being this big with Anderson at this point.  It's no wonder that that I found myself in the chiropractor's office this weekend to help get my hips back in alignment.   

I'm not self conscious about it, just saying that I know my body carried Anderson different than it's carrying this boy.

Anderson is very excited about his brother and often comes up wanting to say hi to him.  I'm pretty sure this babe will know his brother's voice well already.

Apart from the obvious back pain and increased exhaustion, all is going well.  With the onset of fall it's crazy to think how soon we'll meet our new son.  I definitely want him to stay inside longer than his brother did, but also am getting more excited to meet him.  I know rockers and blankets and tiny diapers (along with sleepless nights) will soon be our life again.

Until then, I'll soak up these moments with my first buddy.


  1. Cute, sweet, photos! Can't wait to "meet" your new little man too!!

    1. I know. so soon right? then before I know it he'll be as big as blake!

  2. Celina9/19/2013

    For some reason I stopped receiving anything from you for a really long time. So, I baked your Skillet Cake today and it reminded me I had not been receiving one thing. Hope this gets corrected presently because I totally loved keeping up with you and your life! You may not remember, but I'm Christina Duncan's grandmother (Christina went to Westmont in Santa Barbara). Anyway, I had suggested I would love to see a cookbook lovingly created by you. Now, I'm thinking that may be on the back burner, due to the soon to be arrival of Ba-Be #2. I really wish you could find time to publish your own personal cookbook! BUT, THEN YOU WOULD HAVE TO CONTINOUSLY BE DOING SUPPLEMENTS! LOL You are a beautiful person, Laura, and I have missed you! I met a girl at our local Farmer's Market this spring, who reminds me a lot of you in that she loves cooking, baking, and loving her husband and children - she has 3! I referred her to your blog, but not sure she has found time to find you yet. She bakes and sells her baked goods in order to stay home with the children and also works a bit at our local hospital where here husband is also employed, but full-time. She bakes bread, muffins, cookies, and makes wonderful granola (which I can no longer live without - must have it on my yogurt. You and she would, be great friends, I'm confident, if you lived in the same area. Her name is Emily Haddock and is on FB, and her website is Loaves to Bake. Look her up "in your spare time!" haha Gotta run jump into bed, so I can get up by noon! I'm the night-owl! I've got a lot of L and fam catching up to do, but it will have to be tomorrow! I'll never catch up and am utterly ill that I lost so much of your daily postings. Anderson is growing oh so fast, you're still beautiful, and your hubby is still a hottie! haha ! I can say that 'cause I'm 73! I'm wishing you 200% luck with this 2nd boy and hope he stays in the oven a little longer than did Anderson! I know you're praying for that! By the way, Christina became a doctor in May! at last at last, it came to pass! and so did she! We are so very proud of her. Blessings, Celina Branton

    1. Hi Celina! Good to hear from you! I hope you'll be able to catch up from where you left off! Always appreciate your nice comments on my blog!


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