three years

three years ago today I married the most perfect man for me.  That day we were as naive as I think now all newlyweds are...oh what we had coming our way.  I often tell people life has never slowed down for us.  We haven't experienced a season of rest really or a season without a bunch of "stuff" both good and bad going on.

This season we have a lot of not such fun stuff going on with family that creates a lot of stress.  But- we also have a lot of blessings that keep us smiling day in and out.  We have a precious son and another one on the way.  We have a home with walls we can paint.  We have laughter to keep us going and a God who is oh so faithful to us.

Three years.  In some ways it's flown by and in others I think we both feel like very different people from who we were on the day we wed.

Happy three years, Benny.  Life is much more full and much better with you in it.

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