the perfect hometown

It's been really fun having Anderson back in Chagrin at this age. Every morning we have gone into town for breakfast at Yours Truly and he's seen the park once, sometimes twice, a day. 

While my mom ran to the grocery store the other day I took him for a quick walk, we went to the park, and wandered up to the library. We even went into the Chagrin Hardware Store one afternoon to get some official duck food and feed the ducks. The geese seemed to get in the way befofe but now that they aren't making a mess of our backyard I didn't mind them so much. Growing up they were such a pain on the little lake we had in our backyard that we had a goose round up day where they were nicely taken to a new pond. 

We ran into our share of old friends and loved every minute of our "vacation" here. I can't wait to come back with Benjamin to eat at all our favorites and introduce him to Flip Side, a great burger spot in town that serves up Ohio raised grass fed beef along addictive thick onion rings. 

I'm continually thankful to have grown up in such a town and hope it's part of Anderson's childhood memories as well. 

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  1. Fabulous photos! It was great to see you!