preserving peaches

After picking peaches the other week I knew I'd want to preserve them somehow.  The idea of canning them didn't excite me so much, mainly because we make a lot of smoothies around here and I have other canning endeavors in my near future.

I asked a friend who I look to for canning inspiration what to do and she recommended peeling the peaches, cutting them up, tossing them in some sugar and Fruit-Fresh then freezing in ziploc bags.  That's what I did!  

Although the freezer meals may have been budget friendly picking peaches never seems to be.  The peaches were about $25 and we got just 4 quart size bags minus the ones we ate as they got ripe. 

I guess it's not really about the money here though as I hope to get some tomatoes soon and turn them into salsa and can them for sauce in the winter months.  It's all about opening a can of summer or having a smoothie that tastes far better than store bought peaches in the winter months to come.

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