our patio garden

While I was outside taking pictures this morning I realized I hadn't shared anything about our attempts at gardening this summer.  

We have a pepper plant that has a ripe hot pepper on it.  Benjamin can go ahead and eat that whenever he would like.  Another pepper plant didn't make it after a lot of rain one week.  We opted for cheap containers this year and learned our lesson to just go ahead and buy something good that will last.

We have two basil plants that are doing really well, chives, parsley that must not like the heat, rosemary that definitely didn't like the heat and/or rain and died the first week, and a couple tomato plants.

This canning pot has a rusted out hole in it so I decided to use it as a planter.  So far so good.

The oregano hasn't gotten good use, but then again I have high hopes for canning some tomatoes soon so maybe I need to try my hand at canning some sauce with herbs in it?  If you have a recipe you'd recommend please share!

Although we have a yard downstairs it backs to a wooded area and I have 100% confidence that deer would get whatever I grew so I think I'll plan on container gardening for awhile and eventually get some raised beds that would fit well on our deck.

With summer coming to a close I knew we would still have tomatoes coming and am glad for the fact that I want to preserve some of those summer staples in the next few weeks!

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  1. Jealous of your patio!!! I thought you got a new camera too! The pictures are crisp and great! Isn't it fun! Which one did you get?