Good for the Soul

I spent yesterday with friends. It was so refreshing.  When we found out we'd be leaving our little apartment in Alexandria these friends were what I grieved leaving the most. 

I knew on any given day I could meet up for a walk before or after naps, have someone to go to the grocery store, library, or park with, and overall friends to walk through life with. 

Since our unborn son has been waking me up at 5 unable to go back to sleep I wanted to share some photos from yesterday.  I'm sure they're both up with their 5 week old babies right now too.

  I tried to help Robyn as best I could and that evening Beth and CT came over with their little ones.  Benjamin thankfully didn't have class so he was able to join in as well. 

The two year olds were quite hilarious playing together, being bossed around by miss Eleanor who would tell them where to play. Typical girl. ;) Caleb got upset when he brought a truck down for Anderson to play with that he wasn't interested in and overall Anderson was most intrigued by tickling the babies toes or telling them "it's ok baby!" When they cried.

Dinner was quite fittingly lasagna and salad of course brought over from one of Robyn's friends paired with another freezer pasta dish I brought over. We had boxed brownies for dessert and all seemed right. 

I'm so glad I got to see these friends. It gives me hope that even though I don't have those kind of friends here yet, I will make them. They won't replace these friendships formed outside a big city in tiny apartments, but I'm going to trust that I will in fact have friends again. I have to hope that and rest in knowing He will provide them for me, just like he provided these sweet ones. 

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