bumps, bandaids, and his big boy room

We're at the point where band aids are the most amazing thing ever, especially when they have Lightning McQueen on them. Anderson will bump into something then ask for one.  He doesn't always get one because as much as he wants one, he also can quickly want it off and fuss about it on his "ouchie."

In other news we did a lot of painting this weekend (pictures to come) and his big boy room is all painted.  He's in there tonight along with his toddler bed, toys, and book case.  We figured it'd be best to get him in that room now than have him switch out of the nursery after his brother came.  This way he can have maybe just a little less jealousy and angst towards the babe who will take up much of my time in 15 or so weeks.

He helped move the bed into his room and we definitely made a big deal about it being the big boy room.  I was a little sad thinking of him not being in the nursery anymore, but then again it hit me that this little boy kicking in my tummy will be in there before we know it.

Oh- his red nose?  If you ask him how he got it he'll say "running... life guard." Broken down that means he was running at the pool and the life guard says "no running."  He fell pretty hard and bonked his nose and head but his nose seems to have the biggest scar.

Here's to my life with little boys- more bumps, bandaids, and red noses to come I'm sure.

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