a shared boys room

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I've got home projects on the brain. Anyone whose been pregnant before knows this is called nesting.  Benjamin painted the downstairs bath this week and we updated the fixtures in there as well.  Now we need to find a mirror for over the sink and think of some decor ideas but regardless, it's a whole heck of a lot better than the awful red it was before.

Now that we know we're having another boy I'm thinking that the boys will share the larger bedroom that we'd previously been calling Anderson's big boy room or since he's still in the nursery, the playroom.  I'm having a dilemma in the sense that I painted our dining room and bedroom blue.  The bedding in the guest room is also blue.  Our wedding color was basically blue.  I like the color.  But, with two boys there is a lot of blue in our life.  I'm having decor trouble.

I'm pretty confident that the nursery may just be painted white with some colorful accents.  The dresser and glider cover are a brighter green, we have blue gingham drapes, and I think the white walls will keep it nice and crisp and clean.  Now to figure out the perfect white.
etsy watercolor print

The larger room that Anderson will move into has me thinking of bunk beds or even red beds and wondering how we'll decorate it.  We're leaning towards some nautical decor but keeping it neutral enough that they can grow up with it for longer than a room that shouts trains or trucks would last.

We really want to do beadboard or maybe chair molding with some other molding underneath it.  Benjamin isn't thrilled about the idea of gluing decor to the walls and I agree- something we can do with nails would help.
buoy watercolor print from etsy

Red, white, and blue, seem to be obvious colors to think about here, focusing on pops of red like this lobster print.  Now to decide if we do white under the chair molding or a two tone idea like pictured below?

pb kids

I'm at a loss but want to decide sooner than later so we can (okay, I can...) feel more settled before the babe arrives in four short months.

I'm also loving these sheets, this lamp, and will continue adding ideas to my pinterest board of course.

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