25 weeks. A Bump Update

It's no joke that number two sneaks up on you.  At my last OB appointment the nurse walked in and asked if I had registered for the hospital yet.  HA!  How is that a possible question at this point?

Needless to say I did go ahead and register for the hospital that afternoon, mainly so I wouldn't forget later on.  I swear before we know it I'll be 35 weeks, then having contractions and going into labor.

I am a bit more nervous about labor this time around since I was induced with Anderson and don't feel like I really experienced the whole laboring at home situation.  Since we live further from the hospital now my OB assured me I could start driving to the hospital when contractions were a bit further apart. 

 Here's to hoping this little guy isn't planning to come during rush hour.

Anderson is still super excited about the babe and likes to lift up my shirt, call the baby "tiny" and pretend like he's tickling him.  We try to talk about baby brother enough and I just pray that the transition won't be too awful.  I know I'll love this new little boy but miss times with just Anderson as well.

With Anderson in his big boy room and the nursery almost done being painted it's hitting me that I can put newborn clothes in the nursery dresser.  Crazy.  It's fun though thinking of tiny babies again and I of course couldn't pass up these Christmas flannel swaddling blankets I saw today.  

I know without a doubt he'll be here before we know it.  Not tomorrow, but in about fifteen weeks which may sound like a lot but weeks seem to be flying by around here.

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  1. You look adorable. Nice dress too!