our fourth

Our fourth was spent at Great Meadow, an event we may need to make tradition.  There was plenty for Anderson to see and we enjoyed it as well.

Lesson learned for next year is to find a spot with more shade early on.  Thankful for all the water we brought, even the frozen bottles.

Anderson was glad we brought his wagon and even decided when it was bedtime.  He got in there and put his head down, I put a blanket on him, and really thought he may go to sleep only to be woken up by a loud bang.  He got up and was excited to see the fireworks until they happened.  A look of terror crossed his face, he cried, then held on to me so tight.  I had my hand over for ear and the other ear was buried into my chest.  Since it was so late he actually fell asleep during the rest of the show.

This morning when Anderson was asked if he liked the fireworks he said "No.  Noise.  Mommy."  Translation being that no, they were noisy, Mommy held me.

Hope you had a great day celebrating this nation we live in too!

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