life in the country

Life in the country is going well.  We don't miss the city, or its traffic, too much at all.  Too much or not at all really.  We've been able to go strawberry picking, explore different wineries, and have friends stay over in our guest room.  It's an amazing feeling.

Country life does come with some downsides, like ticks.  I found one on Anderson about two weeks ago and when he had a high fever this morning I wasn't too sure it was just a virus.  Turns out it's strep so how they treat that is the same way they'd treat him for Lymes.  Two birds.  One stone.  

Our patio has given us relaxing meals and a nice place for Anderson to freely spill and drool all he wants.  I love having plants out there too and my little watering helper.  

He continues to love the pond nearby to feed the fish and has turned to eating half of the bread himself.  

I've also enjoyed cooking again, because I'm hungry and because our kitchen inspires me too.  I love having the space to cook a big meal, have pots and pans everywhere, and feel like the clean up process isn't incredibly suffocating.  With that, I have many recipes to share with you in the coming weeks- hope you're hungry!

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