Full Disclosure

In the past several months there were things I wanted to blog about but couldn't because the pregnancy was so new. Now that we're halfway there it's time to have a little post so I don't forget these things about pregnancy number two.  Here are a few of them.

Some thoughts on Food:  When we were in Hawaii I knew there was a slight chance I could be pregnant or that my days til pregnancy again were numbered and so I enjoyed rare Ahi and margaritas by the pool. Here I am in fact having the best ahi of my life. I wish I could eat it again now. I was in fact pregnant but not at all worried about it considering the baby was probably the size of a poppy seed then or maybe not yet attached to me.  We got a great poke recipe written down from our waiter one night at dinner and I hoped to make it when we got back.  No luck.  I'll have to try for next summer when I'm not pregnant or nursing as much.

Nursing: We weaned Anderson right around 18 months knowing we wanted to get pregnant again soon and I was not too thrilled about the idea of my body making a baby and nursing too. We cut out his nap first, then morning, and one day he just drank a lot of milk at night, didn't ask to nurse, and that was it.  Definitely not what I was expecting but with another one on the way it was a good way to go.  Sometimes I think he said goodbye to the best thing he had going without knowing it.  Now when we mention nursing he says "baby."  I tell him baby will have nummies and he says "I do too.."  I tell him "yup, you liked it too- you can tell baby all about how to do it."  If you'll remember Anderson didn't nurse on his own for months so I'm definitely hoping for an easier time with that for this little guy.

Our Home: House hunting inevitably involved the key factor that we had another one on the way. When I looked at another apartment in our neighborhood I knew I was slightly crazy to want to go through the process of moving only to think of having to move again in a year with a six month old. We wanted a space where we wouldn't feel like we grew out of it right away. 

There you have it. I've shared all my secrets. Of course I haven't but those are some of the highlights that you keep hidden for a bit.  

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