Boy or Girl? The Big Reveal

This week has been a busy one with my mind consumed with our sonogram today. Boy or girl?

Given my nausea in the first trimester I was certain it was a girl. Then I started to feel better and wasn't so sure. I saw some middle school girls scantily clothed on Fourth of July and really hoped we were having a boy. I saw two wild boys at the pool earlier this week and was back to hoping for a little girl. Lets not get started on cute little girl clothes. I may have some stashed away for a girl someday. 

Any mother of a son knows though that little boys are the sweetest. Good thing because we're having another one!

I'm thrilled. I think Anderson is going to love being a big brother to a little boy. Already he has been excited about the baby. This week some baby toys entered the nursery in a big clear bin and Anderson looked at my belly and said "baby! Toys! Play!"  Showing the baby it's toys already.  

Although he doesn't have much concept of a brother I know he'll continue to be excited and hopefully they'll be best buddies.  


  1. Oh yay! Two boys are great.

  2. Oh wow! I wondered (as I waited for the post to load) if Anderson's clothes in this picture were a clue. Love it. You look so cute in that top. And congrats!! What fun the boys will be!!

  3. How wonderful! I'm sure Anderson will be a great big brother!

  4. Congrats! You have the perfect house for a whole gaggle of boys. :)