Feed the fish? And a 20 month update

We had another walk to the pond after Anderson's nap yesterday. Why feed the fish though when you can feed yourself?

Speaking of naps by way of update and mainly to remind myself what he's doing at 20 months the kid is taking 3 hour naps. He's ready for his nap around noon but sometimes he's not down til 12:30/45. That's becoming a problem when he wakes up at 4:00! The past two nights he cried for awhile when I put him down by 8 and last night didn't fall asleep til 9! 

Since this is my first babe I just take guesses as to why this is. 

1. I think I need to shorten his naps down to 2.5 hours but with packing and unpacking I've admittedly enjoyed the 3 hours. 

2. He has been introduced and then hooked on watching Shaun the Sheep- a mostly silly british show with no words just claymation. Sometimes it's a bit scary though perhaps for him so we're taking a break from it. Do bad dreams start around this time?

3. Teething again? We've had a nice break but I think the 2 year molars may be making their way in. This morning during his breakfast he stuck his finger back into his mouth and said "ow". 

So- my plan this weekend is to get his naps down to 2.5 and realize it'll probably take a week to all flush out but maybe that'll result in some easier bedtime routines and morning that downs start before 6?! A pregnant mommy can hope. 

Seasoned parents- any other advice?!

In other news he's your typical active boy, talking up a storm, loves any sports ball, and as of this week really into the alphabet singing at the end "now I know....ABC...."  Sometimes on repeat. 

Everything is also "I do too I do too" and now we've started the "why why why" stage too!


  1. Sorry to hear about Anderson's sleeping issues. I think you came up with some good theories, but I figured I would tell you about my experience with Finn. At 20 months, we moved and Finn became a terrible sleeper at night. He would cry and climb out of his crib. He was totally fine during the day for naps, but night came and it was a nightmare. If you want more details, email me and I can give them. It may be an age thing combined with moving -- and another baby on the way. At 36 weeks pregnant, I found myself sleeping on the hardwoods in his room way more often than I wanted just so we could get some sleep! ha.

    1. Oh my! Thankfully he is doing better and even seems to be shortening his naps naturally and then sleeping in just a hair more! Sorry to hear you had to sleep on the floor while pregnant. Does not sound like a fun time!