You Are My Sunshine

Each night I after a bath, brushing teeth, and reading some books we sing. First it's the night-night song- one my friend Jen made up and we adopted, and then daddy and whoever else is at our house leaves the room and I sing to Anderson. 

I wrap the blue blanket around him that my neighbor from Chagrin made for him and he leans his head on my chest. First we start with Jesus loves me. Then, I sing You are my Sunshine. 

He sits up and starts swaying. Then here's how it goes. The sweetest just can't be made up. 

Me: you are my
Anderson: sunshine
M: my only 
A: sunshine
M: you make me 
A: happy
M: when skies are 
A: gray
Me: you'll never know dear. How much 
Together: I love you
M: please don't take. My sunshine 
A: away. 

He puts his head back on my chest, I sing the second verse then rock some more and tell him I'm going to put him in his crib with baby and doggie. I started rubbing his back the past few nights so now he says "back back!" I've created a monster, but the sweetest one I know. 

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