Keeping us Dependent on Him

We're settling into our place more and more. It feels good to have boxes disappear from the garage and things find their place in cupboards and on bookshelves. 

The downstairs is almost all painted and this weekend we'll paint the dining room. 

We got to see the baby again this week. I have opted for the early Down syndrome detection test with Anderson and now this baby too. I think I'd just want to know to better prepare myself if this little one had it. I know many friends don't opt for the test and also get worried about false results. I overall just honestly like seeing the bundle kick and move again.  It was so amazing to see it's spine, heart, brain, bladder and stomach. Everything is so small at just 14 weeks and so amazing what all The Lord has already formed. 

Today Benjamin got word that he'll most likely be furloughed this summer along with many other government workers. I'm trying to fight thoughts of fear and worry over a lessened paycheck when our bills just increased with the house and trust trust trust. He knew about this house. He knew about baby. He knew about this furlough. 


  1. Your new home looks so cute! If I may ask, where did you get that sign of the Joshua verse? I LOVE it!

    1. Hi Liz! Benjamin got it for me off Etsy for Christmas! Here is their shop link!


  2. Thanks Laura! What a great etsy store! :) Have fun unpacking and moving in to your new home! :) I enjoy reading your blog and seeing Anderson's cute pictures :)

    1. Thanks, Liz. Hope you get one of the prints- I saw the shop has a lot of cute new ones!


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