stir crazy

This winter is dragging on which has us all going a bit stir crazy inside.  55 degrees seems to be the magic number to me for when it's warm enough to go outside.  Lately it's been just shy of 50 and too cold.  

In my state of being cooped up I did some re-arranging with the help of my Mom and husband and am thankful for the new layout.  Spring cleaning is no joke.  We cleaned our kitchen after the mice, and now Anderson has more room to play in our tiny apartment thanks to the addition of a bookcase that I didn't want in our house for the longest time for fear it would block natural sunlight.  That is of little concern to me now that there's a toddler who needs room to run.

We also moved this piece to a new location and finally got a new rug for our kitchen table area which is really the play area and home of all his toys.  The old rug with multiple stains had it's time and is now at home in the dump.

sign from Between You and Me Etsy Shop  . my Christmas gift from Benny
Tiffany's plate- wedding gift
framed photo from Hawaii.  Frame from Homegoods
Candlesticks from our wedding
Wooden Spoons from my Mother-in-Law
All displayed on a piece of furniture that was my Mom's


  1. You have a lovely writing style. I also would like to wish you luck with your new re-arrangements.

  2. oooh, Laura...I love your sign-- I bet this site would make super cute artwork for a baby room, huh? have me thinking!