national harbor children's museum

I think we're just now entering the real toddler phase of needing to get out and be active in the mornings, do some more activities, and make the most of where we live.  We should always be doing that but I'm not always the best and have to actively look into what's around me.

A friend joined the National Harbor Children's Museum so we went as her guest the other week.  It's a nice new museum with lots for them to do, crafts, story time, and if you go around Spring Break, lots of other kids.

I think we'll happily go again as a guest but probably won't be getting a membership any day soon.  Anderson's favorite activity was climbing up the car tracks and thankfully the other kids didn't seem to mind.  It was one of the first things I've done with his this winter where I wasn't too nervous about germs now that we're done with traveling and holidays.

Bring on spring though please, I'm ready to be outside not in!

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