waimea canyon and some kauia coffee (also where we're at with weaning)


I just started weaning Anderson about two weeks before we left for our trip.  Before that time he was nursing at least three times a day, and often more.  I was ready to cut out the in-between times and wanted to start by weaning his nap time nummies so that when we got to Hawaii Benjamin and I could have an afternoon together, knowing the buddy would be okay with grammy and papa.

The weaning was hard the first couple days but I was committed, wasn't going to give in since I was ready now at almost 18 months, and knew we had this trip to look forward to. I realize Anderson could have been weaned much earlier but to each his own as is with many things in parenting.  I nursed til I was three, so there you go.  The kid loves our times together, I have too, and I feel like it's so good for me and him.  That said, I think over the next month we'll start cutting the morning then evening nursings.  We'll see.

Thankfully within the week he did fine and was back to taking good naps without assistance.  It's nice knowing he can go down without nursing as he is getting to be quite the big boy.

On our afternoon out we headed up to Waimea Canyon so Benjamin could see it then headed down to the Kauai Coffee Plantation.  The afternoon was fun and before we knew it we had to head back to get Anderson again so the parents could have some time before dinner and bed.  It was an enjoyable afternoon, with a couple evenings out to look forward to as well!

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