the things he won't remember

Anderson woke up this morning saying, "Chicken!  Hawaii! Hawaii!"  He loves waking up and looking for the chickens, rushing off to the playground, and when it's time getting in the pool or ocean.  He won't remember these things though.  Clearly we have a lot of pictures to remind him of this trip and I think he's gained some new words as well.  

When he woke up from his nap yesterday he said, "Pool!" and didn't care about eating but wanted to get his suit out and get in the water.  Papa of course took him in, similar to how Papa listened to his cries for Chickies this morning and threw on clothes so they could go look for chickens, a task that's not too difficult seeing as they're everywhere.

When we get to the beach he is cautious about the sand.  I told him it feels like salt and so now we have an ongoing debate- "Salt!"  "No...Sand!"  "Salt!!!"  This goes on for awhile.  In his little mind the sand is like salt and of course I don't mind- he's gotten to helping me put some salt on his eggs in the morning and so the sand seems much like salt to him.

We joked that we'll have to come back when he'll remember.  We'll see if that happens.  What I do know is that this little boy is an energetic one, he loves the pool and chickies, the beach, and wavies.  He won't remember those things necessarily, but I do think he'll look back at these pictures someday and realize just how much he is oh-so-loved.

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