my first stitch fix!

My first Stitch Fix arrived and I finally got around to trying it on tonight.  We had a little mice infestation that we came home to.  Seems as though while we were on vacation they were having a holiday as our pasta, pantry, pots, pans, and who knows what else.  Benjamin got one this morning by baiting it with nutella and this afternoon as my Mom and I were taking everything out of the cabinets I saw one in pasta, screamed really loud, then when we finally got ourselves together we put it in the trash, triple bagged it, and drove to the dump to give it a new home.  According to Anderson we went to "dump it dump it" a new thing it likes to say about blocks, anything in a bag, and now trash.

Moving on.  I was happy to have the kitchen super cleaned thanks to my Mom, and be home with the husband tonight trying on my fix.

I was overal super impresed by the personalization that went into the order.  I got a nice note from the Stylist and saw that she actually read everything I sent to her, and even checked out this blog and my Pinterest boards.  Nothing I tried on was shocking, overal some things just worked better than others.

The first thing I tried on was a green slouchy top.  It wasn't the best.  It didn't do anything for me and actually Benjamin deleted the pictures before he knew I wanted to share all the pieces in my shipment with you.  It's ok, it wasn't that great.

Second up was this peach polka dot top.  Something that was really cute and I could see wearing often, maybe too often!

Then there was this chevron dress.  I'm seriously not trendy so I liked getting something that I probably would have passed over in a store.  It would be a cute cocktail dress or could easily be worn with jeans or leggings under it to be more casual.

Then there's the navy maxi dress.  This is seriously flattering and I could see wearing it all the time but also dressing it up and wearing it to a casual wedding, like one we have coming up in a month or so. 

They also threw in this mint bangle.  Again, mint is trendy and I probably wouldn't have gotten this in a store but in the box I really liked it, felt like it would shnaz up my outfits and help me feel more attractive, which is pretty important when you're a Mom some days... or most days.

So, all in all my first Fix was a success.  Can you guess what I kept?

I couldn't justify the cost of the pink top or how much I'd really wear the chevron top so we just kept the maxi and bangle.  I'm pretty happy about it and ready for more 60 degree days so I can start wearing this spring attire!

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