miracles still happen

Last week we found ourselves driving down to South Carolina after hearing that Benjamin's Mom had suffered from a large blood clot rupturing in her brain.  She had emergency brain surgery and we needed to be there.  

We drove down that evening and finished the drive in the morning. However you cut it a 9 hour drive is long!  We were thankful to spend a few days with family and friends and to witness the miracle that she is.  We are thankful she was able to get to the hospital and undergo surgery, and that she is talking and moving now.  There is a long road ahead with rehab to come.

Since coming back last weekend we have been catching our breath, praying, and trying to help however we can.  Would you join us in praying for her?  If you'd like, you can follow along on how best to pray through her Caring Bridge Site as well.

Thank you.

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