it wouldn't be a hawaiian vacation without a luau

When my dad asked if he thought Benjamin and I would want to go to a luau it was easy to decide that Benjamin should probably go to a luau on his Hawaiian vacation.  At this point there was no denying that we were tourists and we'd probably regret it if we didn't go.

We went to the Smith Family's Luau, an experience that was quite the show.  You get a tour of their gardens, fabulous dinner, and then the show.  I was happy to take the tram around and look at the peacocks, huge ducks, gazillion roosters, and swans from afar.  I think I may have realized that being attacked by a bird may be a fear of mine.

These peacocks were pretty stunning to say the least.  I know I have seen one before but it has been some time so I was incredibly impressed, and terrified, of them.

This evening marked the first time I left Anderson without nursing him before bedtime.  He was happy with my parents, exhausted from a busy day in the ocean, pool, and at the playgroup, and apparently asked for me a few times before falling asleep but then did so quite easily.  When I heard the report back from the night I may have gotten teary realizing he doesn't need me anymore.  I knew he would go down easily for my parents and I'm glad he did.  

When we got home he proceeded to wake up around 11 at which time I nursed him so he'd go back to sleep for many many hours. I never fully adjusted to the time change and felt myself quite tired in the evenings.

Thankful for our night out, Hawaiian style!

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