clinging to papa

When we landed last night, got off the plane, and were greeted by traditional Hawaiian dancers at the airport I couldn't help but get a little choked up.  I hid it well and blame mostly all of the emotion on the long day we had however there was truth to the happy tears I felt coming on.  This was my seventh time visiting Hawaii, my first trip when I wasn't so much older than Anderson.  I never really thought I'd be coming here with my husband and son.  

All those visits before were a big deal to our family.  Vacations were a big deal.  My dad traveled a lot growing up, which got us the free flights and hotels to many a destination.  It also meant that when we went away it was special, treasured, and back in the day a time when he couldn't be reached by laptops and cell phones.

Vacations to Hawaii meant getting Benadryl and Tylenol on the long flight and packing at least one suitcase with food.  We did those things on this trip too although the Benadryl had zero affect on Anderson and he only went to sleep at his normal bed time, having had no nap the entire day.

I'm so thankful for this time and thankful to my dad who Anderson adores.  He loves Papa so much and knows that when he's around he'll wake up with him as early as 5 in the morning then they'll go downstairs to make coffee and oatmeal.  He runs up the cabinet to hand him the filters and coffee scoop then Papa picks him up to measure everything out.

Thanks, Papa- for taking care of Anderson so well, for loving us so much, and for more memories to come this week in Hawaii!

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