blessings this easter!

I'm so glad it's GOOD Friday and even more thankful for Easter Sunday.  I think this holiday has as much if not more significance for Christians.  Not only did Christ come into the world, He died on the cross for our sins!  When sending out some Easter Cards this year I asked the postal worker if there were Easter stamps.  He just laughed at me.  So sad.

 Although it's barely reached 50 this week we made it out to a little egg hunt and believe it or not I've been cooking too.  Sometimes meals that take hours in the kitchen and other times sautéing peppers, onions, and sizzling up some chicken sausage.  Easy is good.

I'm so over this cold weather and beyond ready for spring so we can spend more time at playgrounds and less time inside.  I'm ready for some more walks and to get the barbecue going when Benjamin comes home from work.

It's been a time of transition for us as Benjamin started a new job on Monday, is chugging along in grad school, and we're already, ok I'm already, thinking of where we'll live when our lease is up this summer.  I get way too ahead of myself.

For now, I'll try to sit back and enjoy the weekend, hoping I can take some time to really sit and be thankful for what Christ has done on the cross!

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