back to reality

We survived some long plane rides with Anderson.  Now we're back to reality this week and I'm wondering what we'll have for dinner, what we'll do to fill our days since we won't have chickens to chase, a pool to hop into, and a beach with sand to call 'ucky.'  Although we have a playground outside our place it's not near as toddler friendly as the one he frequented this past week.

This vacation I felt like we were able to get away, relax (even with the buddy there) and come back more refreshed.  With six hours between us and the east coast it felt like we couldn't be reached as easily, and that was really nice in an age of over-commuication.

I'm looking forward to our next beach time- perhaps even just something like a sandy shore in Annapolis to get my fix in.  I'm coming back very much ready for spring, then summer.  

It's nice to go places where life is much more laid back.  DC life is not laid back.  It helps put things into perspective, example being, this blog.  I've shared a lot of pictures this past week.  Some of you may love it, others are rolling your eyes.  I'm sorry I'm not sorry.  

As I had mentioned awhile back, this is my sketchbook.  I sincerely hope you like it, but if you don't feel free to move on.  I know I do often when it comes to other blogs I stumble upon.  I truly am thankful for my readers, those of you who I know, and those who I don't.  New and old, thank you for reading, and this past week, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our week away.


  1. What? DC life is not laid back? I don't know why you'd ever come to that conclusion....:)

    I loved seeing the pictures, even though they did make me hate you just a teensy weensy bit.

    Welcome home!

  2. Scarlet and I enjoyed seeing your trip to Hawaii. She just loves seeing pictures of Anderson. Glad you had a wonderful time. What a blessing when you can have some time to get away and come back refreshed.