whisper while you work

We're at the age where spelling things out and whispering 'bad' words has come into play.  The other day I was impressed when a friend spelled out d.u.m.b. in front of our kids, mainly because I probably would have said it myself.  I was even more impressed with a friend who whispered to me the word "expensive" mid sentence.  We were having a conversation about who knows what and the topic turned to how pricey something was.  With several little ears around she whispered to me that it would be really "expensive."

I've learned a lot from this wise momma friend of mine but this is her latest wisdom installment.

Her kids have what they need and more. So does Anderson.  They have food and toys, a warm bed and nice clothes.  And yet, they will compare, they will wonder, they will question.  I don't want Anderson growing up thinking he has more, or less, than anyone because I stood around saying we could get him an expensive toy, that sitting in a certain seat on an airplane was better than another, or that his sweater is nice because it's 'expensive.'

We can talk about those things when he's ready for a conversation, but for now a lot of how he's interpreting the world is dependent on how I react to it.

To all you seasoned parents this may not be that amazing of a concept.  Then again, maybe it's a good reminder.  What do you whisper about?

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