heart hand pies.

Yesterday morning I had some friends over with their little ones to make Valentines.  I had poked around Pinterest, bought some construction paper, crayons, and finger paint.  The girls came with other supplies in hand, their babes, and booster seats.

We were prepared, knowing that the projects would be short lived but surely we could get something cute out of our time together, right?  Wrong.

It was quite comical that Anderson and Eleanor melted down at the thought of finger paint and couldn't stand to sit and try to color.  Crayons went in Anderson mouth, bodies became limp, and within minutes it was decided that they were done.  Caleb did much better than them, but having just turned 2 it wasn't surprising.

It's like us Mom's to try to do something that the babes could care less about. I think we got excited about the thought of them making a sweet Valentine for daddy and having this perfect time together where they would have fun coloring, putting stickers into hearts we have cut out, and maybe even making a banner for the door.

Those days will come I hope, where they even appreciate the heart shaped little pies we make for them.  I had my go at a couple different kinds, making the Weelicious no-sugar Raspberry ones for the kids, and last night making up a few with Lucky Leaf Pie Filling for Benjamin and me to enjoy after he got home from class.

I'm not sure why I don't make these more often.  I simply buy pie crust, cut out a heart, put a dollop of pie filling, top with another pie heart after using some water as adhesive, press down with a fork, sprinkle with some sugar and cinnamon, poke a few holes in the top, and bake for 20 minutes at 400.

How cute would these be with some ice cream or as a snack all on their own Valentine's Day?

I was wary of the ingredients and added sugars that might go into the store bought pie filling but was happy to see all the ingredients on the Lucky Leaf can were things I knew.  Fruit, sugar, spice.

For a low-sugar option you can try Weelicious's recipe which calls for 1/2 cup raspberries, 1/4 cup whipped cream cheese, and 1 tablespoon of honey or agave.

I didn't get to make her recipe for icing but I'm sure that's delicious as well.

I wanted to give you something that works to make for Valentines Day because let me tell you, Pinterest lies and all those crafts you think your kids will do, they just might not.  These treats though?  They'd be silly not to enjoy!


  1. Hilarious. I was going to be super jealous if you got a group around Anderson's age to do a whole craft. I am going to try the easiest thing I've ever seen with Miller next week once I find one item but even with that, I'm not sure how it will go. One day, like you said, one day... (maybe!).

  2. You may have more luck with M! Let me know how it goes!