motherhood is...

Motherhood is washing your hair in the sink.

It's not being able to see your friends at your Mom's group because your son had a fever the day before and you wouldn't want to get other kids sick.

Motherhood is nursing your baby for two days straight while they refuse to eat food.  It's nursing your baby after they wake up coughing from a short nap in hopes that they'll return back to sleep then proceeding to get thrown up on.

Motherhood is taking a shower with your baby to wash off the said throw up.

Motherhood is going a bit crazy on a grey day when you haven't been outside and your child is too young to care that you decided you should cut out some hearts and make a banner for their door.

At the end of the day motherhood is holding your sleeping baby in your arms, realizing you wouldn't change these memories for anything.

It's selective memory, forgetting some of the smells and frustrations and looking back thinking how wonderful motherhood is.


  1. Motherhood sounds like a really good emotional and spiritual workout.

  2. well said- it definitely is!

  3. Yes, good post Laura! I love that you made a heart banner, too-- sometimes it feels so good to have something to show from the day. :)