holiday cards

Our cards are all put away in this handy book I made using a hole punch and 2 rings.  About as crafty as I get around here, super simple, and something Anderson loves so he can find pictures of "abby, el-nor, and b"  

As I sifted through our stack I was reminded once again that I didn't order enough.  Thing is, I decided this year that I would just do Easter cards.  Then this little thing happened where Tiny Prints used Benjamin and I in one of their ads unknown to us, I asked them about it, and they paid me off.  Not entirely true but kinda.  It wasn't actually their doing, they were pretty upset about it, and were super gracious about it.  I was super flattered and wanted free cards out of the deal, which I got.

Since we have some more I'd like to send but I really can't get behind sending valentine's cards I'm going to send more Easter cards this year I think. I think Easter needs to be celebrated by Christians just as much if not more so than Christmas.  Yes it's amazing that God sent his son but the kicker is that He died for us.  That's huge.  That's LIFE.  And so, come March (I think?) I'll take advantage of some more Tiny prints love and get some more cards made.  I kinda can't wait.


  1. I am so intrigued about how Tiny Prints used you and Benjamin without your permission. That's CRAZY!

    Every Christmas I think to myself- maybe we should just send out Valentine's cards instead ( I LOVE VALENTINES DAY) because it would save us some money around a very expensive holiday season and be a fun treat during winter when people need a pick-me-up. I haven't had the guts to do it but I love your Easter idea. Do it!

  2. Indeed it's Loco. Wasn't them though A story for another time.