dear 16 months

Oh Hey Buddy,

You're a lot of work.  I like to compare this stage of your little life to a road trip.  Driving is exhausting because you're 'on' the whole time.  Similarly, not a minute goes by that I can't really take my mind off what you're doing, making sure you're not climbing on something, pushing buttons you shouldn't, or finding something too small to put in your mouth.

You're a lot of fun now.  You like to play together a lot, building your choo choo train, going for walks, and reading books.  I introduced you to Calliou just recently and you really like watching that show and I don't mind it either.  You sit on my lap, cuddle, and I like the little story they tell.  It's a good 30 minute break for us both.

You really love seeing your friends.  In fact, I can't even mention their names until minutes before we're going to see them or else you'll start heading for the door and then whining when you wonder where they are.  I'm learning that you really know just about everything that's going on and are saying words like crazy. It's fun to see you catching on and it makes me so proud of you too.

You do this silly smile that makes us laugh.  I think you know you're pretty special, pretty loved, and our golden boy.


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  1. Each and every picture of Anderson is adorable. (I'm often just lazy about commenting.) These photos are especially wonderful! His smile makes me smile!