their second snow

Although it's the boys second snow and second Christmas in many ways it feels like their first.  They don't remember either last year so this afternoon when magic happened it was fun to take them outside and snap some pictures.  The face Anderson is making here is his "Smile" face.  Pretty classic.

Truth be told I need snow to get in the Christmas spirit.  I really need white out conditions and days where you really can't go outside because the roads are too icy and the wind chill is too low, but this Ohio-bread girl will take a dusting if that's all I can get in Virginia.

It's still coming down while Anderson snoozes and I plan to get him bundled in his snow suit when he wakes up to head outside and run around in this white stuff.  The boy is now walking and faster it seems the past few days so that he can keep up with cousin O, or Owie as it sounds like when Anderson calls him by name.  Owen on the other hand most clearly says Anderson- so sweet to see the love they have for one another!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!  I hope yours is magical, whether you have snow or not!

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