i want i want i want

My Christmas shopping is mostly all done.  I have a few odds and ends to pick up here and there and a package to send but besides that we're good. The presents have already been wrapped for the most part and I'm on top of things. 

Except for the part about sending out Christmas cards- because we haven't gotten ours in yet- and that part about being fine with the fact that I got some new duck boots and a down vest this month which I had said would be good Christmas or Birthday presents.  I should be content.  Benjamin and I went to a delicious but silly expensive dinner this past weekend so really, I'm good.  Right?  

Wrong.  Why are we....why am I...so selfish?

Although my list isn't like the one above that I made back in the 90's (I think while in my defense looking through an FAO Schwartz catalog) I still want more.  And yet, after our silly expensive dinner I wanted to cry about how silly (but delicious) and expensive it was.

I really do want a nice day with family.  I want to see Anderson tear open presents and get excited about some new toys.

But... in my grownup mind I also want some computer accessories, a new kitchen rug (because that's such a Mom thing to want and care about - it would clearly affect my daily happiness), a massage (because I deserve it gosh darn it), expensive lipstick, fun nail polish, heck, a manicure and pedicure, and maybe some nice new jeans too because the ones I've been sporting have got.to.go.  Let's throw in a new camera while we're at it.

What do you want?!  World peace?  Not going to happen.

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