Whether I like it or not, (I do), Christmas comes in quite quickly.  All of the sudden it's time to put away the pumpkin candles and turn to all things red and green.  We waste no time getting out the Christmas dishes at my parent's and the day after Thanksgiving we head out to cut down a Christmas tree.  We've done this a few years now so I'll say it's our tradition. 

The trees are overpriced but the experience is priceless.  That reason alone is why we'll go year after year.  It doesn't matter that we ended up with a tree that my dad pointed out within the first 5 minutes of us being there, we had to walk up and down the hill to make sure we had found the perfect one.

I love that this is our tradition.  It's not something we decided on or planned out, it just happened.  
When you have a kid people start asking you about Christmas traditions.  Will you talk about Santa? Advent? What will be in the stockings?  How many presents will your kid receive?

So far I'll say that Anderson has gone to this tree farm for two Christmas trees.  It's his tradition.  As far as Santa, we have one in the kitchen who receives many kisses from Anderson and an elf on the shelf that gets lots of love too.  No need to worry now about how these things will be handled in the years to come as far as I'm concerned.

Anderson loves the lights and the songs right now.  He'll love new toys but as far as I'm concerned Benjamin and I are off the hook for this year.  He won't be asking himself at the end of the day why we didn't get him something else and if I'm completely honest some of his toys may be in their boxes for a bit to space out the newness.

It seems sometimes we can put the stress on ourselves to make the traditions a reality for our families.  Why not just let them happen?


  1. This will be our first year spending Christmas morning with just our small family, and I'm excited to figure out what traditions we come up with! I'm with you on presents-- we got one for Cruz last year, and will probably do the same this year. We all have more than enough, right?

  2. This is a really thoughtful post, Laura. And, I agree, kids get so many presents- it's insane.

    I've thought a lot about traditions since we had Anna, and while I should take your reminder to let many of them come naturally, I think I have some sadness that my childhood Christmas season lacked some traditions. (My mom was often stressed and tired, and that's what I remember.) I'm trying to come up with a reasonable number of holiday traditions that help me keep the focus on Jesus and family rather than commercialism. We'll see how it goes!