the answer is pie: a Giveaway!

It's a big week, America.  I for one am nervous about what the results will be.  I'm not quite sure who will win but I know either way big changes for our country are ahead.  After Tuesday's election I will either be celebrating or upset and disappointed.  Whatever the results may be the answer will be pie.

Pie is what you eat when you're happy and what sounds good when you're sad.  Thanks to Lucky Leaf I had a chance to test out some of their pie filling and topping and it definitely helped us out this weekend and also got us through the homebound days of Sandy.

Pie my friends is a good thing.  To help you get through your celebration or sadness and overall to aid in your holiday entertaining Lucky Leaf is giving away pie filling and a kitchen towel to one lucky reader!  I'd go ahead and comment.  What do you have to lose?  Bonus is this pie filling was delicious and surprised me by not tasting too sweet but being true to the flavor of the fruit.

Comment here and tell me your favorite kind of pie!

Giveaway open Monday through Tuesday at Midnight



  1. 40Only one? Tossup between Pecan and Mincemeat = )

  2. McCorkle11/06/2012

    Rhubarb.....the family recipe.