We're living like it's still the weekend around here thanks to Benjamin having off today for Veterans Day.  Happy Veterans Day indeed.  I'm increasingly thankful for our military and am reminded each year that my husband and both my parents are veterans.

A real image to me of a hero this year is a friend from home whose husband was away about 9 months with the Navy. He returned home just last week to his wife and three kids, one whom he left when the babe was only 2 month old.  I could cry just thinking about it.  Thanks for your service Haile family!

This weekend we explored a winery that's sure to become a favorite of ours.  It's extremely kid friendly and the wine was tasty.  It's another reminder to me that Virginia wine is getting better and also that this place isn't so bad after all.  It was even more enjoyable that we got to enjoy the morning and a picnic with friends.

I love these shots of Anderson on Benjamin's shoulders. Although one is blurry, it's still an image to me of how much this boy loves his daddy and some rough play.

Hope your weekend was lovely as well.  Better yet, hope you're still enjoying it.


  1. Thanks to Benjamin and your parents for their service! Means more to all of us than they will ever know.