for the love of Ohio. A Lady Lee + Drew Jones Necklace Giveaway!

For the love of OHIO and YOU I bring you (well they bring you) your pick of a necklace by the one and only Lady Lee and Drew Jones.  These necklaces make a statement, they're baby friendly being non-toxic and they make great gifts for friends with babies who are teething and want to chew!

Baby or not, I'd wear them and gift them to friends with babes and friends without.  Grandma's too.  Easy.

Here's the story.  I'm searching the web and come across this great little shop on Etsy.  I see they're in Ohio.  I tell her, Hey!- I love Ohio, you're in Ohio, let's be friends.  Internet friends.  Sponsor friends.  It happened.

And because it happened they are giving away a necklace to one lucky winner- you pick which one you want!  More choices on her shop!

how to enter!

Comment on this post now through Sunday saying what you're thankful for-
being thanksgiving week and all.

make sure i have your email address or else I can't contact you if you win!


  1. Kaceympeterson@gmail.com11/20/2012

    I am oh so very thankful for a happy and healthy lil fam to celebrate with this holiday season!

  2. Anonymous11/21/2012

    LOVE finding new shops - what fantastic necklaces!

    I am most thankful for having a loving family that enjoys getting together on holidays. Also, that we all have our health :)

  3. Anonymous11/21/2012

    Crud, I forgot to leave my email address :)

    thanks for the opportunity!!

  4. So thankful to be home for the holidays!

  5. Aw, love these :)

    I am thankful for a sunny CO Thanksgiving with my fam.

  6. I am thankful for my husband who never complains when he ends up having to make the things that I volunteer to make, like homemade noodles, when they end up being too hard for me to finish.

  7. CUTE necklaces! I'm thankful tonight for modern day medicine to help sweet babes with pink eye.

  8. Hey- I have a baby that likes to chew! Pick me! And I'm thankful for thanksgiving in SB with my family.

  9. Suzannah11/22/2012

    Hi Laura,
    Those are AWESOME necklaces! I am so thankful for my sweet baby, Kate. She is teething like CRAZY right now and even in the midst of that pain, she is still a DELIGHT. I'm also thankful to be living in the midst of God's grace, and for simple joys like lego airplanes and kisses from my resident Superman/cowboy/dare-devil 3-year-old.

  10. My email address is :) annnnd I am most thankful for God's goodness. He has been showing His goodness to me in uncountable ways these last few weeks and just blowing my mind with His amazingness. <3 He is truly good, ALL the time!!

  11. I am so thankful that GOD gave me the most wonderful parents, supportive sibling, loving husband and adorable kids.