family picture time

It seems like everyone is on the hunt for the perfect family photos this time of year.  Ones where you have everyone in focus, smiling, and obviously looking like they are loving life.  That is a very hard thing to achieve as I learned the other week when I snapped some pictures for a friend.

I offered to take potential Christmas card pictures for her and was thankful for the challenge which has made me all the more appreciative and in awe of the photographer friends in my life.  It's also shown me how much I have to learn and how much I'd love a better camera.  Someday.

Here's a few I took for them.  The one I love the most will have to be revealed to those who get their Christmas card!

How about you- are you getting professional pictures this year?  Want me to come by and snap some for you?  Just kidding.


  1. Love these pictures Laura. You are an artist, from the way you plate and photograph your food to the pictures you snapped of our ever wiggly brood. Your great and I love you friend.

  2. thanks laurie- I could do a whole post of just the wiggly outtakes!