A lot has happened lately, most notably the first little bug we caught to welcome in fall.  Now that we're on the mend and have a bit more energy around here it's back to the b.l.o.g.  For starters though, let's recap with some pictures.

This past weekend we got to attend a wedding.  It was great to see old friends and faces from college back at Westmont.  To top off the weekend we finally made it to Teddy Roosevelt Island and took an urban hike where we stood along the river on a tiny island looking at sky scrapers.

The following day we headed out to Annapolis for Michael Symon's new book signing.  A real treat to see him and support the hometown.

Having gone to TR Island finally and Annapolis the next day along with taking a walk last week around Old Town Alexandria made me realize I should start a little DC bucket list.  Things to do and places to see here since we do live here after all, gotta enjoy it.

What should be on my list?

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