falling friday

The leaves have been falling constantly the past few days.  So much so that I had to get out and take some pictures of the kiddos in their get up since Sandy may go ahead and take the leaves away come Wednesday.

I'll most likely try to get a few more of Anderson before Halloween but that won't be a problem.  The kid absolutely loves his pumpkin costume and wants to put it on whenever he sees it.  It gets the same excitement that the pumpkin bundt cake I recently made receives.

It's the same bundt cake I made right before Anderson was born.  I had my parents grab it and bring some to the hospital and they later that evening shared it with the nurses.  When I found out I was upset since those nurses weren't the ones who would have to deal with me when it came time for Anderson to arrive.  We should have bribed the ones on duty during delivery time!

I seem to be on a little photography kick as I also took some shots of a friends family today for them to potentially use in a Christmas card. No pressure of course.  Benjamin thankfully had the afternoon off and I couldn't have done it without him. He helped managed Anderson and helped me manage the camera.

Here's just a few that I love from our time with the kids the other day and here's to a weekend not getting blown away by Sandy and enjoying the leaves while we still have them!


  1. You've got some awesome leaf coverings! The pictures look great!!

  2. Beautiful leaves, and super cute pumpkins. :) Is that a Carter's outfit? Anna is a cow this year, and the concept is similar-padded bottom with a cow face hood. I can't resist her.

  3. Thanks, ladies. You bet- Carters for Costco I think! It seems like a comfy pillow that wraps around them!